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!SOCAL Shows next week

SOCAL! Shows next week! #standup#comedymusic#pechanga

!SHOWS in Seattle

Show with Olivia d'Abo

Hey friends! I'll be accompanying this talented woman on acoustic guitar. Hope some Tacoma peeps will be there! #oliviadabo #petegeorge #shawndouglas #music
Actress and Singer Olivia d'Abo (The Wonder Years, Conan The Destroyer, Wayne's World 2 & TV's Law & Order: Criminal Intent is coming to Tacoma Washington June 29th!!! And wait there's more.... Tickets are only $15 !!!! That's Right $15 !!!! All Seats!!! Don't miss this rare and exciting one time event!!!!!!!! Click on the link below for info and to purchase tickets now!!! :